Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tide Pool Adventures in Oceanside

Every tide pool walk is exciting because there is always something different to discover. Always a highlight is the Ring-spotted Doris. Found in the lower intertidal zone and subtidal waters on rocky shores and crevices, the Ring-spotted Doris is a Nudibranch (pronounced NEWD-i-brank) belongs to the Mollusks group, and the class Gastropod.

The Ring- spotted Doris (Discodoris Sandiegensis) varies in appearance from Alaska to Southern California.  In Oceanside’s Salish Sea this nudibranch is marked with many spots and rings on a creamy to tan coloured base compared to the to the ones in San Francisco that are almost white with fewer markings.

They are carnivorous and eat anemones, bryozoans and there favorite food are purple sponges. It is both male & female. Following mating with another individual they lay a curly ribbon of white eggs in protected nooks and crannies. They only live a maximum of one year

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